Both godparents generally concluded the evening by the escorting the latest newly-weds on their new house

But their work was not over

” The fresh new “wedden godfadda” perform upcoming begin one of the most enjoyable areas of the brand new reception ­ the latest “bidding service” into launching of your relationship cake. With each quote to help you accelerate brand new establishing, bidders carry out walk-up to put cash in the latest “putting in a bid dish”. The quantity placed didn’t tend to associate to your matter bid ­ men and women showed up willing to promote what they you may afford. If “wedden godmadda” thought the fresh new bidding plate held enough to supply the newly-married few an improvement in daily life, she’d scream away, “We bid this beautiful pie getting unveiled!” Two of the cake bearers do up coming slice the bottom tier ­ the person who completed first try the one planned in order to get married 2nd. The first bit of the conventional rum/fruit pie gotten into wedding couple to share while the the fresh new speeches first started. The fresh new speeches could take a long time and had a tendency to be flattering and you can floral. Dance used, will towards the songs away from good mento band otherwise fiddler. During the dancing, the new “wedden godfadda” cut the “reveal bread.” For every single bachelor try expected to buy a piece and provide they to the girl the guy most fancied. The new recently-weds had so it money, too, since the ‘brawta’ (extra).

Food, Miss Lou mentioned, showed up second ­ mannish liquids, curry goat and you will rice, roast breadfruit, chicken and you will grain and you can peas, roast yam, boiled banana and you will work on-dung. For ­ cane liquor, rum, wine and you will ginger-beer. The new ‘wedden godmadda’ up coming busied by herself amidst much clapping and you will cheering of wedding few, preparing baskets of the greatest eating toward newly-weds when planning on taking with these people when they remaining.

The initial Sunday following the relationships try known as ‘Turn Many thanks Day’. The newest recently-weds and their godparents additionally the whole main wedding party do sit in provider at the chapel where in fact the matrimony happened and you will give thanks to Goodness (get back thank you) due to their marriage. Brand new ‘wedden godmadda’ following got the newest bride’s right-hand, together with “wedden godfadda,” new groom’s, in addition they finished what Skip Lou termed their last duty by the claiming together, “I hands you out to both, go and alive including Isaac and you can Rebecca.”

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In the event the wedding couple reach the newest lobby, well-done and you can blessings was showered down on him or her because they were escorted towards the lead of one’s “wedden desk

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