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NORTHAMPTON — No injuries were reported as a result of a Wednesday morning fire at the Duckett House, one of the residency houses at Smith College. In discussions with manufacturers, team members always started by going through the “technical support” portal, and looked for the most experienced representative. Team members then stressed that this was an exercise in consciousness-raising rather than legal entrapment. For security purposes, you must belogged into CamelWeb to view floor plans. O’Connell Companies has been involved in the construction of Smith College Campus Center, Smith College Chase ‘ Duckett House and Smith College Science Center. Around the five college area, O’Connell has also constructed for Amherst College and Mount Holyoke College.

  • The construction for the affordable apartments will begin in the summer of 2006 and will be ready for occupancy by spring 2007, before the construction of the engineering and science building.
  • Do not attach bicycles to any stairwell or handicap ramps or block any egresses.
  • In pursuit of high performance, the data collection arrangement was sufficient.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please call Brett McGuinness, assistant manager of building services at extension 2419.
  • The team found that this project has opened doors and changed minds at the state DEP.

Smith has already gained permission to take down three buildings at 66, 69 and 70 Paradise Road. The buildings include a single-family home, the former college infirmary and a former dormitory for nurses that more recently housed a childcare center. With dormer windows and an adjacent porch connecting it to its twin building, Gillett, Northrop sits conveniently across Elm Street from the college entrance and John M. Greene Hall. Named after Birdseye Grant Northrop, one of the first trustees of the college, Northrop houses 80 students, most of whom live in singles.

Upperclassmen Housing Options

The Imperatives carried their influence beyond the building project and into the client organization in this case. Care has been taken to eliminate (or at least to reduce) the introduction of toxic residuals. The users are well aware that the greatest risks to an established healthy space are items carried into it — cleaning products, weed and critter control potions, and the like. The field station management has worked to establish benign practices and monitor behaviors of its student users and visitors.

Students, employees and visitors should contact Facilities Management with any pest concerns including, but not limited to, rodents or insects. Facilities Management, in consultation with Residence Life and other offices as necessary, will conduct an immediate inspection of affected and adjacent spaces to determine a proper course of action. Smith College contracts with a local, licensed pest management company that maintains a weekly service and inspection and schedules emergency response visits when requested. The housekeeper and the house social chair will inspect the area where party will be held. After the party, the housekeeper will reinspect the area against the list and note any damage possibly as a result of the party and review the list with their supervisor.

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The recessed LEDs are very flexible — dimmable, wet area-tolerant, cold-temperature tolerant, and mercury-free. One of these fixtures can serve multiple conditions, so the team designed sufficient dropped ceiling planes to enable a comprehensive lighting solution without having to push recessed fixtures into the insulated thermal envelope. The longer-term measures to secure healthy indoor space include materials chosen for their low toxicity and their ease of maintenance.

Early Smith housing, 1875–1880

Cowls Building Supply is a local lumber yard, but until last year they had run a saw milling operation for over 250 years. They still control a vast amount of forest and do so as a family business. This year they, in partnership with the Kestrel Trust, conveyed 3,500 acres into a conservation restriction— the largest amount of private land conserved in a single transaction in the State’s history. The project team learned the wisdom of prioritizing the vetting of structural materials the hard way. As it happened, the bulk of the vetting ended up occurring through the submittal process, which is not ideal.

Although “strange tales are told of the early inhabitants of this house,” today, as in 1910, “it has gathered under its roof an exceptional and unique group of students.” Northrop House is a four-and-a half-story, red brick building with white wood trim, built by Charles Rich in Georgian Revival style and opened in 1911. Do not attach bicycles to any stairwell or handicap ramps or block any egresses.

Jessica Pollock completed a daylight study that helped the team determine whether the project really needed skylights that were originally designed but proved difficult to source. Jake Pecht completed a report on water supply and treatment options — a piece of work that was thorough and fulfilling as a student work. Other students were inspired by the project to tackle their own investigations outside of the menu offered by the design team.

There is a Solar Renewable Energy Credit program that is carefully managed by the State Department of Energy and Resources to maintain a reasonable “floor” price for these Solar REC’s. Some years ago, Governor Deval Patrick commissioned a task force to help advance public policy understanding of net zero energy buildings (C&H Principal Bruce Coldham FAIA was a contributing member of the task force). The resulting regulatory climate has supported (not resisted) the necessary initiatives to achieve the Energy Petal for the project.

Compliance with the Red List ensures that the most egregious toxins are removed from the materials palette. Choices such as the polished concrete floor enable a simple and effective cleaning regimen free of aggressive chemicals. The extremely air-tight enclosure ensures complete control over interior air quality, and the air-lock spaces enclose the track-off matting ensuring its permanence in place. The long boardwalk means that little material even arrives at the start of the track-off matting, and what does get in cannot be trodden into the concrete floor. The project team proposed that the project meet the intent of the Imperative by putting the bulk of the existing field station land into conservation.